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Shotokan Karate students work towards being the best they can be. Training helps channel mental/physical/emotional well being and Grow positively, with confidence. Whether a child 4-18 years or adult we have something to offer all ages and abilities. Many of our students report success at home, in relationships, at work and at school. The self discipline required in regular training, enables individuals to achieve goals previously considered beyond their reach. In a friendly and supportive environment every student in our group works at their own pace but are constantly challenged to achieve a higher level on potential.


Shotokan Karate students work towards being THE BEST THEY CAN BE. Training helps mental, physical, emotional well being. They grow positively, with confidence.

Shotokan Karate Students we follow our Late Grand Master Sensei Gichin Funukoshi. He asks us to work towards the Dojo Kun (Karate training moral code), which is relevant to Karate and to everyday life.

We also consider the 20 Precepts (guidelines), which also helps us in karate training and everyday life Sensei Funukoshi was a sickly child brought up in Japan in the late 1800s and developed his own style of Karate, which is as helpful to physical, emotional and mental health today as it was back then.

Sensei Roy Hazelwood, our chief Instructor has trained in Japan with those Grand Masters who pass on the fascinating Martial Art to the next generations.

20 Precepts

1. Karate-do begins with courtesy and ends with rei.
2. There is no first strike in karate.
3. Karate is an aid to justice.
4. First know yourself before attempting to know others.
5. Spirit first, technique second.
6. Always be ready to release your mind.
7. Accidents arise from negligence.
8. Do not think that karate training is only in the dojo.
9. It will take your entire life to learn karate, there is no limit.
10. Put your everyday living into karate and you will find "Myo" (subtle secrets).
11. Karate is like boiling water, if you do not heat it constantly, it will cool.
12. Do not think that you have to win, think rather that you do not have to lose.
13. Victory depends on your ability to distinguish vulnerable points from invulnerable ones.
14. The out come of the battle depends on how you handle weakness and strength.
15. Think of your opponents hands and feet as swords.
16. When you leave home, think that you have numerous opponents waiting for you.
17. Beginners must master low stance and posture, natural body positions are for the advanced.
18. Practicing a kata exactly is one thing, engaging in a real fight is another.
19. Do not forget to correctly apply: strength and weakness of power, stretching and contraction of the body, and slowness and speed of techniques.
20. Always think and devise ways to live the precepts of karate-do every day.

Dojo Kun/Dojo Code

1. Hitotsu! Jinkaku kansei ni tsutomuru koto!
One! To strive for the perfection of character!

2. Hitotsu! Makato no michi o mamoru koto!
One! To protect/defend the paths of truth!

3. Hitotsu! Doryoku no seishin o yashinau koto!
One! To foster the spirit of effort!

4. Hitotsu! Reigi o omonsuru koto!
One! To honour the principles of etiquette!

5. Hitotsu! Kekki no yu o imashimuru koto!
One! To guard against impetuous courage!
Who are we?

Developed in Hertfordshire over 30 years ago, Active Hertfordshire Karate commitment is in the pursuit of quality Shotokan Karate. Leading students, Kids, Teens or Adults to be positive and the best they can be. Our Martial Art offers development in a range of personal qualities and life skills for all ages and abilities.

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