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Sunday 11th December
Regional (colour belt) Kyu Grading.
10:00-12:00 - Hemel Hempstead Sports Centre
13:00-15:00 -
Gosling Sports Park
16:00-18:00 -
Knights Templar Sports Centre

Sunday 18th December
Last training session before Christmas break.
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Children learn to shout as part of their karate training and are regularly taught to make loud an assertive noise. We can introduce your school's children to understand how and when to use it. Give us a call today 01462 630 833
Children will love the energetic nature of Shotokan Karate which is fun, focused and friendly. We can channel energy in lively kids and develop confidence in quieter kids. They all progress in our classes as we use their motivation and help them to succeed, as well as being a great way of making new friends and keeping
fit, Karate also benefits children by: Enhancing
concentration and self-discipline, teaching children
to avoid using violence in confrontation, increasing
self-confidence in all situations, as well as developing
a sense of purpose and achievement. We have a badge system similar to cubs, which allows 5 – 13 year olds an opportunity to understand how Karate can be linked with everyday life skills.
Shotokan Karate is an activity you can do independently, with friends or with your children, develop mentally, emotionally and physically as well as Increase your self-confidence and personal security. The ability to defend yourself effectively is one of the main benefits
Shotokan Karate but the discipline also promotes honesty, respect and patience. It is not just about physical fitness, but also about developing a more relaxed approach to life, and ability to cope with stressful situations. Shotokan Karate is exhilarating
and motivational.
All teens can benefit from personal development.
In a time where pressure often requires us to have
confidence to deal with different situations and make decisions about conflicting ideas, a traditional approach, with enthusiasm to participate and take responsibility has to be beneficial. You will be encouraged to challenge yourself but at the same time, keep in control of your own learning and sharing with others. If you are studying any of the following: GCSE, A Levels, GNVQ, P.E, Duke of Edinburgh, ASDAN, Scouts etc. We can integrate your KARATE training into your academic study – 2 achievements in 1! We also invite Students from 9 years onward and senior grades to join our ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR programme, developing confidence, transferrable skills and knowledge.

What is the difference between Martial Arts?

It is a general term that covers all traditional fighting arts. There are many different styles of martial art. Simply to many different martial arts to mention. The styles are like choosing a motor car. Sports, luxury, 4x4, hatchback, people carrier? It is often chosen as ‘fit for purpose’. To how you wish to use it and who it is for. Here we try to simply explain and hope that you will see how useful and suitable our style of martial art is to you and your family.

On a grade of 1 non-contact – 5 full contact consider:

1. Tai Chi: an ‘internal’ Chinese martial art practiced for both its defence training and its health benefits,
2. KARATE stresses techniques, such as blocking and striking, punching, kicking, knees, elbow strikes, and open-handed techniques such as knife-hands (karate chop) in
formal, controlled and supervised patterns. AHK also emphasises the etiquette, discipline and traditional understanding when using our martial art. Parents value this as a life
skill for their children.
3. Tae Kwon Do is a of system of blocks, kicks, punches, and open-handed strikes, take-downs, throws, and joint locks, emphasis is on kicking and competition sparring.
4. Judo is a practice of either to throw or takedown one's opponent to the ground and immobilise or subdue them with a grappling manoeuvre, joint lock, strangle hold, or choke.
5. MMA (Mixed Martial Arts): a full contact sport that allows a variety of fighting styles to be used Striking and grappling techniques, either standing or on the ground.
Who are we?

Developed in Hertfordshire over 30 years ago, Active Hertfordshire Karate commitment is in the pursuit of quality Shotokan Karate. Leading students, Kids, Teens or Adults to be positive and the best they can be. Our Martial Art offers development in a range of personal qualities and life skills for all ages and abilities.

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